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A history of success.

Aircraft Ducting Repair Inc, (ADR) went into business September 1, 1993 in Garland, Texas. Leslie Alford along with his wife, Billie, invested their time and money getting ADR started.

Les’ experience and passion for aircraft began at an early age. As a hobby, along with his father and mother, he began designing model miniature stunt planes, jet, and speed planes. He won many awards in school competitions, as well as from the Academy of Model Aeronautics. In November 1948, Les set a new AOMA national speed record for Junior Class A Aircraft.


In February of 1954, Les signed up for the United States Army where he was an Aircraft Mechanic. He received his Honorable discharge from the U.S. Army and Air Force in February 1962.


In 1971, Les left his post-military employment at Texas Instruments to work for Aircraft Ducting Associates, also based in the Dallas area. He worked his way up through the company, acquiring many of the daily operations responsibilities and a minority ownership interest before the company merged with a California firm and relocated to New Mexico. He stayed with the company to see it through the merger before returning to the Dallas area.


By this point, in 1993, Les had many experiences as an aircraft mechanic, machinist, and successfully operating a business. Upon his return to Texas, he made the decision to found a new company, Aircraft Ducting Repair Inc. ADR was started by Les, but included the valuable experience of partners Steve Alford, Rodney Alford, Stan Girardot, Donny Heironimus, and Joyce Shaner.


In May of 1997, ADR moved its business to Forney, Texas, where it remains in business today.

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